Quickly acquire the German language skills you need for your C-permit and Swiss naturalization.

100% customized to your needs and schedule

Learn only what you need

The ‘one size fits all’, predetermined curriculum of standard language schools is not the most efficient way to get the results you want.

I help you learn exactly what you need to know for your German language tests and interviews in the naturalization process or for your C-permit. This is not a language school. We work 1-on-1 so that you get exactly what you need. 

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No stress about the process

It is important to me that you will no longer have any stress with the naturalization process or the C-permit. Our sessions will also address factors like self-confidence to be sure you feel confident talking to the panel and in test situations.

We’ll go through all the steps together, so you know exactly what you need to do (and when, where, and how to do it) to move things along quickly without getting stuck in the process.

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Peace of mind about your future

Naturalization is an important milestone. Get peace of mind about your future in Switzerland. 

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Christoph Kirn

I’m Christoph Kirn. I help busy people communicate better in German.

I teach the language needed for naturalization because I realized what an important milestone this is in a person’s life. Naturalization has a very high value, even for people who have already achieved a lot.

I originally come from Germany and have lived in Switzerland for more than 20 years. My wife Vicki and I appreciate the child-friendly environment for our 5 year old daughter in our hometown Basel.

During my career, I have helped my students communicate better in German in their environments. Specifically, I have helped many people and their families who want to stay in Switzerland to achieve the goal of naturalization or C-permit.

Get the free roadmap for your naturalization and your C-permit

6 clear steps with instructions

In this roadmap you will find:

  • The 6 primary steps of the naturalization process and what actions you have to take in each step.
  • 5 common false beliefs about language skills needed for naturalization or C-permit.
  • A list of the language skills you need for your C-permit and your naturalization and the topics you need to know about.
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Get your free roadmap

6 clear steps with instructions to naturalization and getting your C-permit

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