Pass your C-permit or naturalization test in German

in 90% less time than with traditional language classes.

Challenges in learning German for the C-permit and naturalization

Do you want to get your Swiss passport or C-permit but are hesitant to start the process? Are you put off by the requirement of language skills? Do you have limited time to learn the language and plan the process?

Perhaps you have already tried to learn German in language schools or with private tutors, but it’s not a viable solution for you.

Learning or improving a language may feel like an extra task on top of those that  you already have. Perhaps it feels like climbing a mountain without knowing the trail.

Maybe you have doubts like: someone like me“ will never be able to learn enough German to pass the language tests or answer questions in front of a naturalization commission. Perhaps you don’t feel confident enough to perform this task.

Have you put off the decision, even though you know you have to do something, preferably before the authorities approach you? How can you overcome this hurdle?

Learn only what you need for the tests and interviews

When looking for solutions, many think of German courses or individual lessons from language schools. However, learning German grammar and writing can take you years to reach the required level, and you learn a lot of things that are not needed for the tests and interviews. If the goal is rapid language acquisition for your naturalization or C-permit, this solution is inefficient and may be a waste of your time.

You don’t need to spend much time learning the language. Some of the more complex topics may take a little more time to learn, depending on your previous knowledge, but if you focus on what you need, the amount of time you spend is exponentially less. With a targeted individualized approach it takes 90% less time compared to ordinary language training.

What you should (and shouldn’t) learn to pass the tests and interviews

You need to be able to communicate in the tests and interviews and this, of course, requires certain language skills. What you don’t need, however, is the perfect and correct use of written German or grammar. However, you can acquire the language skills you need quickly – even parallel to the naturalization process (s. roadmap).

When your learning targets the questions most likely to be asked in the tests and interviews, you learn in the most efficient way. The exercises are aligned with this goal and you work precisely on the points where you need to improve. This way, it typically takes 90% less time to acquire the required skills through individualized coaching than through traditional language classes.

About Christoph Kirn

I once heard a conversation about a bricklayer many years ago. Those involved called him the “lazy mason” because he did not make any superfluous movement that did not serve the construction of the wall. Nevertheless, his walls were finished much faster than those of his much younger colleagues. I took that to heart. Any effort that doesn’t lead to the goal is too much or a waste of time. 

Therefore, I don’t want to invest more time in any one thing than necessary. This also applies to learning and teaching. I constantly ask myself: What is the best way for this person to learn this material successfully and efficiently? The answers vary depending on the person who wants to learn with me. Part of working with clients is finding the answer to this question together.

I have taught at several language schools in Basel and Zurich and worked as an Academic Manager in a language school developing language programs. In parallel I studied German as a foreign language and theories of language acquisition. Additionally, I completed the Master of Education and Competence Management in Berlin.

Get clarity on what exactly you need to learn to pass the tests and interviews

If you’re unsure where you stand and what you still need to learn, you can get more clarity with a personalized assessment. Because if you know what you know, you will also know what you are still missing to achieve your goal.

For an investment of CHF 750 you will get a written assessment of your language readiness and the knowledge you need to acquire for naturalization.

This assessment includes three 1-on-1 online sessions. Here’s how it works:

How we will jumpstart your learning

  • In the first Zoom Call (45 Min.); I ask you questions like those on the tests and/or interviews.
  • You will then receive a written assessment that details what exactly you need to learn so that you can get through the tests or interviews.
  • In two additional sessions (à 45 Min.), I will show you how you can best and most quickly close your gaps in language skills and knowledge about the country.

The whole process won’t take longer than two weeks. It can be done in less time if it is desired.

We can continue working together if you want help reaching the required German level for your tests and interviews. We can talk about what that means after the assessment or before. If you want, click here to get in contact with me.

Pass your C-permit or naturalization German test in 90% less time than through traditional language classes.

Traditional language classes aim to teach you everything about the German language, even though you only need a fraction of it to pass your C-permit or naturalization test.

1-on-1 coaching isn’t just focused on the specific skills you need in the tests, it also fits your busy schedule.

To start, we need to know what exactly you still need to learn (otherwise we’d have to cover a bunch of things you already know — just like traditional language schools). We’ll first have an assessment call, you then get a written report of what you need to learn, and we have two calls to go through those topics in more detail. This assessment is available for CHF 750.

If you have any questions, for example if you don’t know any German, we are not going to start with the assessment. You can contact me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much German do I need to know for this assessment to make sense for me?

To ensure the usefulness of the assessment, you should have enough language to get by with sufficient vocabulary to express yourself on topics such as family, hobbies and interests, work, travel, and current events.

How do I book the assessment sessions?

If you click on the button "Click here to book your assessment and schedule your calls" you will be directed to a calendar where you can book your first session. After the booking you will be directed to a payment page. After the payment you will be directed to a page where you can book sessions #2 and #3.

When will I get the written report?

Usually within two working days after the first session.

Do I have to book all three sessions at the beginning?​

No. You can book the first session and then wait for the report before booking session #2 and #3.

What if I have to reschedule a call?​

With the link you receive for booking, you can also reschedule a call if necessary.

At what time of day can the sessions be?

The sessions are usually held between 9 am and 6 pm.

How long do I have in total to complete the assessment?

You have 6 weeks to finish the assessment.

What if my interview is in less than 3 weeks?

In this case please contact me directly, on the contact page.

You can obtain the naturalization and C-permit even if you have little time to study. Learn only what you need for the process. You can find out what you need to learn in a personalized assessment.For this, you book a total of three online sessions of 45 minutes each. You receive a written report from which you can see what exactly you still need to learn. You will also learn in these sessions how best to approach what else you need.