Work With Me

Personal 1:1 Interview Training and Consulting

Work directly with Christoph to prepare for your naturalization in Switzerland

Advantages of personal Coaching:

  • Learn exactly what YOU need to pass the tests and interviews – Sure, you can read all the books about integration in Switzerland and hundreds of questions that you will find on the internet. But you want to have the confidence in the interviews that you know the right answers and that you can present them in German in front of a panel. Get advice and training for your situation.

  • Consulting before and during the process – this process might be new for you and it might feel like a disadvantage because all the people you deal with along the process are Swiss. I have accompanied over a dozen clients successfully through this process. You can benefit from my experience and get advice for the steps to take.

  • Get help communicating with authorities – In the course of the naturalization process, you will have to communicate with the authorities again and again. I help you with understanding “Bureaucratese”, drafting emails and with role plays for telephone conversations you may have.

  • Know more than 90% of the interview questions – Customers receive my customizable questionnaire with interview questions. A clear advantage, because together with the simulation of the naturalization interview, it can put you in “auto mode” during the interviews. You answer the questions directed at you with confidence and competence – guaranteed!

What my clients say: