Writing Details: A Guide to Your Application Form

Most cantons require short texts in their application forms in which you must describe the degree and quality of your integration.

If you’ve ever wondered how to demonstrate your integration effectively, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore the key elements that can help you confidently navigate this process.

Applicants face the challenge of concisely communicating the depth of their integration in the limited space provided on application forms. 

In these short texts, you must demonstrate your integration into Swiss society by providing detailed and honest information about your involvement in the local community, adherence to Swiss laws, and respect for Swiss customs and traditions. 

It’s a process that demands paperwork and a genuine reflection of your journey, contributions, and connection to Swiss culture and values.

“How detailed should my answers be?”

I often hear from concerned customers who apply that they have little contact with Swiss people. They ask questions like: 

 “What should I write if I don’t know many Swiss people?”

They fear that they will not be able to list enough relevant activities. So far, this has not proven true, and we have been able to list many activities accepted in the application. 

Another question is how detailed the answer should be. It is advisable to mention the specific activities and the names of the organizations and the places.

Here are some specific points you can mention to showcase your integration:

Community Involvement:

  • List any community organizations, clubs, or societies you are a part of, active or passive memberships. This could include sports clubs, cultural organizations, volunteer groups or religious organizations.

  • Mention any community service or volunteering work you have done, especially if it is related to Swiss charities or local causes. This may include activities like preparing lunch for your neighbors’ kids or one-day activities like baking a cake for a street festival in your neighborhood.

Cultural Engagement:

  • Describe your interest in Swiss culture, traditions, and history.

  • If you have participated in local cultural events, festivals, or traditions, mention them.

  • If you have a theatre or concert hall subscription, mention it.

  • You can write about your efforts to educate yourself about Swiss culture, such as attending cultural workshops or events.

Positive Relationships:

  • Mention any positive relationships you have with Swiss citizens. These could be friendships, professional collaborations, your relationship with your neighbours, your landlord, or collaborations in community projects.

Family Ties:

  • If applicable, highlight the integration of your family members. Mention their involvement in schools, local activities, or community events.

Swiss German:

  • You can mention any efforts you have made to learn the local language and how you use it in your daily life, including at work and in social situations. Please note that you do not need to have a command of Swiss German. But if you do, this is an excellent opportunity to mention it.

If you feel like you can’t write enough about these points, you may write about these topics:

Employment and Contributions:

  • Mention any special contributions you have made at your workplace or in your field of expertise and the people who were involved. 

Adherence to Swiss Values:

  • Express your understanding and appreciation of Swiss values such as democracy, equality, and neutrality. Explain how these values align with your own beliefs and how you incorporate them into your daily life.

Honesty and sincerity are crucial. Provide specific examples wherever possible to demonstrate your integration genuinely. 

You can read more here if you want to know more about the references in your application.

If you are unsure about your application, leave a comment here or contact me by email.


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